Auto Subtitle Generator Online VEED.IO , The subtitle is the most important thing to understand those videos’ audience. But writing subtitles is not an easy thing. If you have a long video & you have to write subtitles for it. Then it would not be helpful if you needed a long time. And people also make spelling mistakes when they write subtitles. So, what happens if artificial intelligence does this work for us without any money? Yeah, in 2023, it is straightforward for an AI. In this article, we will discuss Auto Subtitle Generator Online VEED.IO. can make any video subtitles without taking any money. But you have to put a watermark on your video. But we also share a trick to remove the watermark without getting any paid plan.


Why Subtitle Is Important

  • Subtitle Can Increase Your Audience.
  • To Rank Your Video On YouTube.
  • If your video language is Espanol & if you add English subtitles then you’ll get 2x more viewers.
  • Extra viewers can boost your earning.
  • If you have a sound problem then adding subtitle give you the best result to improve video quality.
  • Some people don’t understand the English accent but they can understand if you add subtitles.
  • Subtitles also can improve to boost YouTube SEO.
  • You can also make money by writing subtitles.
  • You can make your video funnier by changing some lines in the subtitles.



How To Use VEED.IO For Adding Subtitle

Without any chatter let’s go into our main topic. First visit on Veed.IO. Then sign up there using your fake or real Gmail. After sing up or logging in there you can see a page like below.

Simply click on Create Project button. After clicking on there you will see a page like below. Click on the Upload a File.

Now upload your video. Note: your video’s audio will must be crystal clear sound without any noise to get a better result.

When your file will be completely uploaded there. Then you will see a page like below.

Now just click on the Subtitles button. Now Select Auto Subtitle Automatically add subtitles to video. Then select your language & click on Create Subtitles. Now, wait some moments to Generating Subtitles…

After completing generating subtitles you can see a page like below.

You can customize & changes your subtitle from those sections. You just simply click on the right slide button & select Karaoke subtitles. Or you can choose any style you like. Now drag the page down. And you can see more options in the bottom section. Changes everything as you need. I like to change effects, shadows, font size & color.

Now your video’s subtitle looks like the below screenshot.

Now time to download your video. Click on the Export button then select Export Video. It just takes a few seconds. Now you can download your video by clicking on the download icon & then selecting MP4 file. 

But now you will face one problem. You can see their logo inside your video. You just have to blur that section using any video editor. And they didn’t give you high-quality video in the free version. Though their free version is pretty good. I think you don’t need to buy any paid version.


Benefits OF VEED.IO

  • VEED.IO can save you time.
  • VEED.IO can save you money.
  • VEED.IO has a lot of features in its system.
  • VEED.IO has a free version.
  • You can use their free version if you use our trick.
  • VEED.IO makes the best beautiful subtitles where others paid apps can’t.
  • You can also add AI voice using VEED.IO.
  • You can also create any kind of video if you don’t have any resources by using VEED.IO.
  • VEED.IO will give you recourse by matching your script.
  • VEED.IO has more benefits that we can’t share in a single article you have to it.


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