Kate Spade Laptop Bag Review

Laptops are one of the essential technological devices in our lives that we can’t really get by without using every single day.

From doing homework assignments to working from home, we all have various uses for our laptops.

This device is so important that when we carry it around with us, we want to use the best possible laptop bag we can.

Am I right?

I don’t know about you, but I have a thing for designer bags. Yes, they are a bit of an investment for some, but they can be totally worth it if they are well-made.

Such is the Kate Spade Laptop Bag that I am about to review today because I think this one is a worthy investment.

Strong, Sturdy, and Durable

When I said a designer bag could be an investment, I meant that it would not only look and feel luxurious but also will be able to stand the test of time.

And the Kate Spade Laptop Bag can definitely do just that! I mean, not all designer bags are as sturdy and strong as this bag is.

See it to believe it!

You need to actually own this bag to understand what I am talking about because it is a bit hard for me to explain it in words. 

But I’ll try anyway!

This laptop bag is actually very hard-wearing and durable. And not just because I am saying so. You can feel the durability of the material it is made out of, which is pebbled leather.

And pebbled leather is known for its durability and sturdiness! Not only is it as strong as real leather, but it can also potentially last you decades if you care for it properly.

This laptop bag has linings of spade flower jacquard and faille, which make the Kate Spade Laptop Bag even more desirable.

That’s not all!

This laptop bag closes with a zipper, which is very useful. And it has two slip compartments inside for your laptop and other essentials.

You can fit a laptop that is as large as 15 inches in size inside this laptop bag. And you can either hold the bag by your hands with the top handles or you can use the crossbody strap it comes with.

The Branding

The Kate Spade Laptop Bag has the usual Kate Spade branding, which is cute and simple. Although you can easily see the branding logo, it isn’t too flashy so that it won’t stare back at you.

The logo is a metal pin mount with written words that goes, “Kate Spade New York.” And I find it to be really elegant and classy.

Light and Simple

This imported laptop bag is actually much lighter than it looks, which is something I really love about the bag.

So even when I put my laptop inside the bag and carry it around, I don’t find it too tiring to hold it by the top handles for too long.

And the simple design!

The Kate Spade Laptop Bag, which is the Knott Computer Bag, has an effortless look to it because of its simple design. And I love that!

Kate Spade Laptop Bag: Is It Worth It?

I think the Kate Spade Laptop Bag is completely worth the money. And I don’t even think it is that much expensive for a designer bag that is this good.

Whichever color you pick out, I chose the classic black one; you are sure to be able to style it up with any outfit you like.


The Kate Spade Laptop Bag is a worthy investment for anyone who wants a capable enough bag to carry around their laptops in. If you ever wanted a designer bag and also are in need of a laptop bag, I highly recommend this one.

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