The world of fashion is filled with creative thinkers and artists. So it’s normal to think that fashion is all about creativity.

Or is it?

Well, not entirely! It’s true that without creativity, you can’t create the art of fashion at all. But there’s a little bit more to it.


To further the fashion inventions in this world, the Fashion Creativity Tech DVSN Collective was formed.

This collective made people in the fashion world think differently about technology in fashion, as it combines both creativity and technology in fashion to create something new.

Today, I will tell you about the role of this new collective that has become integral in the fashion world.

Fashion Creativity Tech DVSN Collective and Its Goals

Before I dig in deeper, I need to tell you what this Fashion Creativity Tech DVSN Collective really is.

Certain people in the fashion world created a group to combine technology and creativity for the evolution of fashion.

This is that collective!

The growth of the fashion industry is overdue! Using the latest technology with the guidance of creativity, the right people can be innovative enough for this forthcoming growth.

And this collective is the right way to do so!

They have clear goals, one of which is to reduce waste for the betterment of our environment. Truth be told, it’s high time even the fashion industry started to take steps to help the environment.

So the clothes this collective is trying to make are not only going to be fashionable and trendy enough for the fashion world but also serve Mother Earth.

There’s more!

This collective wants to make all-inclusive clothes with the help of technology. And they want these clothes to be sustainable as well.

So each individual in this group is a hand-picked designer, technologist, and spirited entrepreneur who wants to make a real change.

All this for a new and improved fashion industry!

Impact of the Fashion Creativity Tech DVSN Collective

Since the Fashion Creativity Tech DVSN Collective was created in 2019, they really pulled their weight with their team efforts.

They achieved a lot!

Using different types of cutting-edge technology, like 3D printing, this collective has been successful in creating various new fashion designs that are both sustainable and innovative, as per their goals.

You might even recognize their work from the collaboration they initiated with different big brands.

What brands?

They have worked with Google, Nike, and even Intel to create technologically advanced fashion designs and clothes.

One of their well-known projects was theNike x Snapchat Air Jordan campaign, where Nike collaborated with them.

What’s that?

With the help of the Fashion Creativity Tech DVSN Collective, Nike banded with Snapchat and created a special Bitmoji collection for marketing purposes.

When someone buys a pair of Air Jordan, they could find a special code on the back of the shoes.

And it could only be deciphered using Snapchat! When you scan it, you would step into a world of virtual reality and have an experience with Michal Jordan, the infamous NBA player.

It was a huge success!

Other than this, the collective even hosted a lot of workshops and events to help more people learn about their way to sustainable fashion.

That’s not all!

The Fashion Creativity Tech DVSN Collective made the fashion industry a solid one when they created this amazing sustainable fashion business model and shared it with the world.

They didn’t keep it to themselves!

This business model shows how just about any small-time or even big-time business can create a line of clothing that’s not only fashionable but also ethical.

How so?

By using recycled materials!

And this business model even showed people how they could make the clothes sustainable as well.

The Wrap-Up

The future holds more innovations to come from this Fashion Creativity Tech DVSN Collective that will change the fashion world for the better. Hopefully, this will help create a more ethical and environmental-safe fashion industry.