Water Puns You Can’t Flush Out of Your Mind

Puns can have two kinds of effects on people, sometimes both at the same time. You might love them or loathe them to the fullest extent.

But I believe most of us can’t stop ourselves from actually appreciating the witty wordplay from time to time.

Why many hate them?

As John Pollack wisely asserts

“Puns are threatening because puns reveal the arbitrariness of meaning, and the layers of nuance that can be packed onto a single word.”

I agree with him!

And that is exactly why I have come to your doors to make you suffer from the less-than-stellar water puns that you might actually enjoy.

Try Taking These Water Puns Out of Your Head

There are loads of water puns on the internet that you can look up. And I will share the water puns you might not have wanted to hear today:

  • You shouldn’t ever drink your toilet water for two reasons: Number one and number two.

toilet water

  • What do you think one ocean would say to another? : Nothing at all. They would only wave.
  • Why can’t the river remember things properly? : Because she became sea Nile.
  • Why do you think the ocean and the pond broke up?: The ocean thought she was too shallow.
  • Why won’t water laugh at any joke? : It doesn’t prefer dry humor.
  • How to tell whether an ant is a girl or a boy? : Drop it in the water and see if it sinks. If it floats, it’s definitely a buoyant.
  • Why would Snoop Dog need to bring an umbrella? : Fo’Drizzle!


  • When will it ever rain money? : When you see a change in the weather.
  • What kind of precipitation does a king like? : Reign!
  •  How to help a friend who can’t pay their water bill any longer? Send them a Get Well Soon card.
  • Why do sharks only like salt water? : Because pepper can cause them to sneeze.
  • Why will the ocean leave early from the party? : She was obviously tide.
  • What lullaby does the ocean love the most? : Roe, Roe, Roe Your Boat.

Roe, Roe, Roe Your Boat

  • What would you call it if it rained a month’s worth at once? : England!
  • Why do you think the ocean is on time all the time? : She stays current!
  • Do you know the joke that’s about the three big holes in the ground? Well, well, well.
  • What would the beaver say if they slipped and fell into the water? : Dam it!
  • What if it rains two days in a row inside Seattle? : The weekend.

Dam it

  • What would you call a teddy bear that’s wet? Drizzly bear!
  • What are the rocks called that aren’t underneath the water? > Dry rocks!
  • What do you call the fish that lives at the bottom? : Dropped outta school!
  • Who takes care of the operations done in the water? : A surgeon, of course!
  • What to call it when someone throws their laptop in the deep ocean? : Adele, Rollin’ in the Deep!
  • Who can run but not walk? : Water!
  • What can cause a dock to float above water? : Pier pressure!

pier pressure

  • Where would a mermaid sleep? : On water beds.
  • How do you define the hair of the ocean? : Wavy!
  • Who can actually clean the ocean’s bottom? : A Mer-Maid.
  • If you can say H2O instead of water, what would you call ice? : H2O cubed!
  • What would a melted snowman become? : Water, duh!
  • What would you call it if a water marathon was televised? : A livestream!


I think I have done enough for the day! It is probably correct if I say that you can’t get these water puns out of your mind. And when you actually can’t, be sure to make others suffer what you have just suffered.

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