How Do Mandalorians Eat? Now We Finally Know

You must know all about Star Wars to have stumbled on this article. I mean, who doesn’t know about the Star Wars franchise?

Am I right?

And the live-action series of Mandalorian is something to be reckoned with. The series depicts the events after the Return of the Jedi.

It’s awesome, I know!

But that’s not what piques my interest, though. I mean, it does, but I have a more pressing matter to discuss today.

Exactly how do Mandalorians eat? 

We all know that the Mandalorians are not supposed to take off their helmets because of their creed, right?

But what about when they need to eat? Let’s find out!

How Do Mandalorians Eat?

Even though the Mandalorians are not like the general population, they are living beings, to say the least.

So they would need to eat and drink on a regular basis to survive and get all the nutrition they would need.

I mean, no matter what you are, you can’t get involved in battle without actually being healthy. And good health means food.

Don’t you agree?

Yes, there are some advanced suits even the astronauts in space use that help them get their much-needed nutrients without having to take off their suits.

But the armor that the Mandalorians wear is not exactly as advanced as the ones made for real-life astronauts.

In fact, these armors are made only for the purpose of combat.

So how do Mandalorians eat?

If you’ve watched the live-action series, you would know that the first episode introduces the character titular as Din Djarin’s form.

He’s a bounty hunter and also a part of one of the Mandalorian tribes known for mostly keeping themselves out of the public eye. They would rather stay hidden from any society.

And what we learn about the Mandalorians is that they’re not to take off their helmets, which is why we don’t really see the face of Din Djarin the entire season.

Because of the creed!

But in the Star Wars: Clone Wars events, they could show their faces, even in public. And in this live-action series, we get to know that only a minority sect known as the Children of the Watch was different compared to other mainstream societies of the Mandalorians.

And they were the ones who couldn’t take off their helmets in front of people. 

Most of them are humans!

So to live, they would have to eat somehow, right? After all, we regular humans can’t go on without consuming food.

But how can someone eat or drink if they are not allowed to take off their helmets for any reason at all?

Can’t they, though?

We already know that the Mandalorians are not supposed to take off their helmets because of the creed.

They are not allowed to show their faces to other people. But the fact that the Children of the Watch can’t show their faces to others is the key here.

No one ever said that the Children of the Watch couldn’t take their helmets off when there were no people around.

So if they were to take it off at some point without anyone around, how would anyone see their faces?

Get where I’m going?

As the Children of the Watch or the Mandalorians would have to eat at some point. All they have to do is make sure there is no one around when they take off their helmets. 


The question, how do Mandalorians eat, had really kept me reeling for a while. But it did not take me too long to figure out exactly how they could eat, even though they weren’t allowed to take their helmets off in front of people.

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