When Was The Word Technology First Used | Origin Of The Word Technology

When Was The Word Technology First Used

Technology is a common word in our life. But did you know the Origin Of The Word Technology? Technology comes from Grece’s words. Techne+Logia=Technology.

Techne Means Arts

Logia Means Study

Technology is an abstraction to make our life more easiest. The human race is using this technology for more than thousands of years ago. Technology going to more smart day by day. Scientists & developers made our life smooth. And now without using technology we can’t dream of a day. Every time we are using technology. 

These two words refer to the swotting & knowledge of trickery. After the 17th century, the technology word came. That’s the time it was used to study & mechanical arts. But now technology is everywhere we looked. 

People love to know history. And that is why every day a lot of people search on google “When Was The Word Technology First Used | Origin Of The Word Technology“. In the English language technology is not enough for old words. Technical art ranked an unknown place in the middle of this architecture. 

In our daily life, we use technology a lot. When the ancient era used stone as a cutter that’s the time the technology word come. That stone still had in a museum. From there human race started their improvement day by day. And now this modern world uses technology in textile, medical, Agriculture & communications.

Grece scientist Ἀριστοτέλης is one of the most famous guy of the improvement for this modern world. Plato & Aristotle is also with him in making this world more modern. At the age of 17-18, they learn a lot of things & applied them in real life. They are good at Epistemology, biology, science, philology, philology, jurisprudence.

They are the best scientist in the ancient world. We always noticed that every old word came from the Grece language. Technology is one of them. For you guys, I write Why Technology Is Important In Our Life, I hope you would love to read it.


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