The Most Underrated Top 10 Google Products That We Must Need In Our Life

On September 4, 1998,  Google first launched its first virtual product Google Search Engine. Since 1998 they are publishing a lot of virtual & real-life products every year. Recently, Google launched Google Bird  AI. Though we are not gonna talk about AI. Today our lesson is Top 10 Google Products. Without some of these products, we can’t pass our life in 2023. We collect some information from Wikipedia & Google default suggestions.


Top 10 Google Products

Google has thousands of products. Few of them got failed, but most of them are successful. If we discuss all Google products, it’s not possible to complete them in an article. So, we are just talking about the Top 10 Google Products. So, here is the list of Google’s Top 10 products.


  • Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine is the best worldwide service product of Google. Except for a few countries, all are using Google Search Engine to easily find their information. In 1998, Google launched its first search engine. And now it’s the world’s most famous & useful search engine in the world. Even only having Google Search Engine other search engines got dead. 


  • Gmail

To improve the mailing system Google launched Gmail on April 1, 2004, in the HTML version. And now Gmail is very smart & has a lot function on there. You can send mail to anybody, anywhere within a second. Gmail has ultra spam protection. So, people are very safe in Gmail than in other mailing companies. And if you click Gmail’s 9 dot icon you can see more options for Google service. Like: Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Shopping, Google News, Google Hangouts, and Google Podcast.


  • YouTube

YouTube is one of the most famous & popular video entertainment platforms. Millions of creators are working on YouTube as a publisher. Because YouTube has a smart earning source for their publishers. But YouTube’s algorithm is very smart. They only rank quality videos. So, they can make their best video & make more money from YouTube. In 2023, no one can bit YouTube yet. Steve Chen launched  Youtube on February 14, 2005. Right now, YouTube’s CEO’s name is Neal Mohan.


  • Android

I’m pretty much sure you are reading this article using an Android phone. If yes, now think how much phone companies use Andrion systems. Without iPhone, Blackberry & Nokia, all phone companies are using the Android operating system which is built by Google. And nowadays Nokia is also using Andriod to get more customers. At this moment, there has most phone users are using Android phones in the world. Only some rich people are using iPhones for showoff & get extra security. Don’t get me wrong, east or west Android is the best still now.


  • Google Chrome

Recently on social media, there has been a trend of funny videos about Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge browsers. After installing new windows people use Microsoft Edge browser to download Google Chrome then delete the Microsoft edge & install Chrome as a default browser. And it’s totally true. 99.99% do the same thing. And all phone users also use Google Chrome. On September 2, 2008, chrome launched its first beta version.


  • Google Map

We know how helpful is Google map when we visit any unknown place. Google Maps helps us a lot to get to our destination road. Google Maps launched on February 8, 2005. This map works by satellite.


  • Google Adsense

Basically, Google Adsense is made for bloggers & Youtubers. By using Adsense content creators are earning a lot of money every month. Adsense launched on June 18, 2003. Adsense is still the best ad network for beginner creators.


  • Google Translate

Every day we are using Google Translate to improve our English or other language skill. Even I use google Translate a lot of time to write this article. So, guess how helpful google translate is in our daily life. Google Translate launched on April 28, 2006.


  • Google Keyword Planner

Google made Google Keyword Planner for SEO experts to research keywords for their topics. But a few years ago, google changed Google Keyword Planner to Google Adwords. Google Ad Ward launched on October 23, 2000


  • Blogger

Blogger is another best product of Google. Using Blogger you can create a free website without any cost. You don’t need to buy a domain & cause you can use their subdomain & they provide unlimited storage. And from this site, you can make money using Google Adsense easily.

In 2023, wherever you look you can see google products. Google’s products are now throwing in our blood. It is really quite impossible to pass our daily life without using  Google products. I hope you guys can understand by reading this article, Top 10 Google Products.



Some Best Real Life Google Top 10 Products List


Product Name Launching Date
Google Pixel 6 series October 19, 2021
Google Nest Hub Max September 2019
Google Nest Learning Thermostat August 31, 2017
Google Chromecast with Google TV September 2020
Google Pixel Buds Pro June 17, 2021
Google Nest Audio September 30, 2020
Google Nest Doorbell October 2022
Google Pixelbook Go October 15, 2019
Google Nest Wifi December 5, 2016



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