Banana Nomads Biography

Banana Nomads is a verified channel of PH. She has 50k subscribers on there & gains more than 40 million views by uploading 60+ videos. Banana Nomads is from Spain. Her height is 5′ 7″ & weight is 54 kg. Her hair color is blonde & her eye color is brown. Keep reading to know more information about Banana Nomads Biography.


Banana Nomads Age

Banana Nomads was born on 22 December 1994. Her birthplace is Madrid, Spain. She is a Spanish girl. Right now, she is 29 years old. And her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.


Banana Nomads Dating

This beautiful girl is in an open relationship. She only makes her videos with her boyfriend. And her boyfriend supports her in this career. And he helps her a lot to become successful. But still, we didn’t find her boyfriend’s name. So, Banana Nomads has a boyfriend. See the below couple of pictures. That boy is Banana Nomads’ boyfriend.

Banana Nomads Photos
Banana Nomads Photos


Banana Nomads Wikipedia

Real Name Hanna Wilperath
Gender Female
Birth Date 22 December 1994
Age 29 Years
Birth Place Madrid, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Height 5′ 7″
Weight 54 kg
Net Worth $2 Million


Banana Nomads Career

Nomads after engaging with her boyfriend. They think to be famous. And they decided to publish videos for PH. In 2021, she started her this career & still now she is continuing this career. And now she became viral on social media sites & earns a lot of money from her this career. 


Banana Nomads’ Net Worth

This beautiful girl already uploads 60+ videos on her channel. And her main income source is her videos showing advertisements. And she also makes a smart amount from OnlyFans. Every month she makes more than $10k to $15k from her career. Banana Nomads’ net worth is $2 million estimated. And every month she is growing her net worth.


Banana Nomads Family

As a P-star, Banana Nomads keep hiding her personal pieces of information like other models. Because no one wanna know that people know her family’s pieces of information. So, it’s really hard to find a P-star’s personal information. And we still did not get enough data about Banana Nomads’ family lives. But our team working hard to update this section. As of now, you can bookmark our site to get more updates in the future. Or you can comment us below if you know anything about Banana Nomads family.


Banana Nomads’ Instagram

Banana Nomads joined Instagram on February 2021. Right now, she has 15k followers on there. And her Instagram id is banana_nomads. She is very active on there. Every week she uploads her new photos. So,  you can follow her if you are using Instagram. I hope you love to see Banana Nomads’ image.


Banana Nomads’ Twitter

On April 2021, she joined Twitter. She has now 25k followers. And Banana Nomads’ Twitter id is @Banana_Nomads. She only uploads there her new video clips. So, if you are a Twitter user & fan of Banana Nomads then you can follow her on there. Because you will get updates about her new videos.


Banana Nomads Faq

  • Banana Nomads is a P-star.
  • Banana Nomads is 29 years old.
  • Banana Nomads is from Spain.
  • Banana Nomads height is 5′ 7″.
  • Banana Nomads weight is 54 kg.
  • Banana Nomads net worth is $2 million.
  • Banana Nomads hair color is blonde.
  • Banana Nomads eye color is brown.
  • Banana Nomads has a boyfriend.
  • Banana Nomads loves to traveling.
  • Banana Nomads loves to camping.
  • Banana Nomads hates rude people.
  • Banana Nomads hates her haters.
  • Banana Nomads is a good-minded girl.


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