Photo Speak AI is a treading thing nowadays. People are trying this to make fun with their friends. Even I know some people who are making money using photo speak ai. It’s really unbelievable that people are generating money from this. But don’t worry, I’ll leak out their secret trick for you guys. But first, let me give a disclaimer that uses this ai only for fun purposes only. Don’t try to use treat someone online. If you do this we are not gonna take responsibility for it. So, what’s up guys, my name is Meshkat and I’m gonna share the method of How To Make My Photo Talk Free. Read all the step by step & tune in with us. Let’s go.


How To Make My Photo Talk Free

There has a lot of free & paid tools for talking your photos. But today I’m gonna talk about Why am I gonna discuss these tools when a lot of free photo-talking ai tools are available on the internet? Because this is a free tool. And very easy to use. You just 1 minute to make your photo talk & moving. And this ai is very unique. Because their lipsync is very accurate & they have a lot of voices. Which are not look like a robot. You can feel some real human covering the voice. Not only that they have also many kinds of language which are really different from another free ai. So, follow the below steps carefully. You have to give just a few minutes to gather this skill to use this AI.


How To Sign Up On D-ID

The first question always comes that’s how to sign up. So, get my simple answer. It’s really very simple. Like other sites you just have to put your name, email, and password & sign up. But there has one more easy option which is to sign up using direct your Gmail. First visit on Then click on the Free Trail. Now just sign up there and use any Gmail as a shortcut way. In your trial version, you’ll get only 20 credits. For making one video you have to waste 1 credit. After finishing all free credit you have to buy their premium version. But I’ll give you one trick. You can sign up there use your other Gmail & get 20 credits without any money.


How To Write Script

Sing up process is completed. Now the point is which text or script you want to show your photo is speaking. For doing this you have put your script on the right side of the screen as you can see below screenshot. 

Make My Photo Talk Free

How To Get Free AI Voice

After writing your script you have to make the AI voice which is really important for making photo-talking videos. If I’m not wrong you can see the Language option on the right side of the middle section. Choose your script Language. They have a lot of Languages there. Like: the USA, Canada, Bangladesh, India, Arabic & many more languages. 

Photo Speak AI

Now you have selected your voice & style as you like. As you can the pictures. There has a lot of voices & some styles like angry, sad, excited, friendly & more. Choose any of them as you need. And also choose the voice you like. And don’t forget to check out amazing male voices & female voices.

Make Photo Talk

Make My Photo Talk Free


How To Download Photo Talking Video

One step left before downloading your video. You have to add your photo of which one you want to talk about. Click on the Add button from the bottom & center side of the screen. Now click on the Generate video. After clicking on the generate button just wait a few seconds to prepare your video. Now you can see the download option on there as you can see below picture.

Talking Photo Online


So, here is the article about how to How To Make My Photo Talk Free Using I have you can enjoy & learn from this post. But now I am gonna share more ai apps & ai sites to Make Your Photo Talk Free.


Talking Photo Online Sites & Apps

  • Talkr
  • Pose
  • ChatterPix Kids
  • Wombo
  • Talkr Live
  • SpeakPic
  • Talking Pet

Most of the tools are free. That I’m sharing in the upper list. If you want to know more about these AI Tools then please comment below. I’ll try to publish custom articles for you guys. Just comment below if you need.


How To Make Money From Photo Speak AI

We are almost end of this article. This is our final section & this is really important to some people. I have one question for you. Did you ever notice that one dog or cat is talking about any kind of funny scene? I know you see. Here is the secret. Many content creators make amazing scripts & making their videos using Photo Speak AI. In this way, they are earning a lot from the amount from YouTube & Facebook & other platforms. So, if you have a good script then you try this trick to make money from photo speak AI.


Thank you very much for reading the “Make My Photo Talk Free” article. I hope you guys enjoy & learn something new from this post. If yes then please share give your valuable comment below & share this post with your friends I hope they’ll like this. And if you are free then check out Sweet Monae Biography. Also, Read More about How To Get an Unlimited Midjourney Command List.