Do you own a dog? Of course, you do! Why else would you be here, looking for the best dog treats?

We always want what’s best for our dogs, don’t we? After all, they deserve the best! So when you’re looking for new dog treats to try for your furry buddy, you want the best.

I’m sure you are wondering if the Nudges Dog Treats are any good for your precious little buddy. 

Don’t worry!

I have tried out the Nudges Dog Treats on my dog, Devy, and she and I have a lot to say about this dog treat.

Today, I will review this dog treat for you and let you decide for yourself if it is worth it for your dog.

Nudges Dog Treats: The Ingredients

When you try to think of a dog treat, you think of two things. Will my dog like it? And is it nutritious enough?

Well, those two questions can be answered by the ingredients the Nudges Dog Treats are made out of.

Let’s see!

Nudges claim that the ingredients of their dog treats are made out of all-natural ingredients for better nutrition.

And the kinds of proteins that are used in these dog treats are not only all-natural but also farmed from the United States of America.

And the best part?

You won’t want the proteins to have any artificial flavorings added to them or any preservatives to keep them fresh.

And there are no artificial fillers in the proteins either. All kinds of proteins, like duck, chicken, or steak, are slowly dried using ovens.

Plus, the manufacturers even make these proteins with Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine to help keep the joints and bones of your dog healthy.

So the Nudges Dog Treats get a thumbs-up from me for being made out of high-quality ingredients.

Did My Dog Like It? 

The treats are for dogs. So, obviously, your dog needs to like the taste of the treats. It doesn’t matter to dogs if the ingredients are natural with natural flavorings or not.

If they like it, they won’t be able to get enough of it! And to tell you how much my dog loves these treats, I need to tell you a story.

The story goes like this:

I had just finished feeding my dog and was doing the dishes. Unfortunately, I forgot to close my back door, which is not usually a bug problem.

But my dog suddenly ran out the door, probably looking for something I didn’t see. So I ran after her. 

She went over the fence of a neighbor’s home and started barking at a tree. I couldn’t seem to get her to come back to the house with me.

What’d I do?

I rushed back to my house and grabbed the first thing I could, which happened to be the Nudges Dog Treats.

And you can guess what happened next. She was suddenly very eager to come back home because of the treats.

There you have it!

The treats must be so good for dogs that my dog loved them! And I found these treats to come in various types and flavors, like chews, grillers, and even jerky cuts.

My dog loved the jerky cuts the best! 

And the bag of these treats even came with instructions like how much of the treats to give to what size of dogs, which came in handy.

The Verdict

I must say, I was a bit skeptical of the Nudges Dog Treats at first. But after seeing how the ingredients were all-natural and of high quality, as well as how my dog responded to it, I certainly recommend it for other dogs.