Most kids dream of leaving their high school years behind them to go away for college. And not all kids want to go to college just for their education.

Then what?

The thing with college experience is that kids have this idea of freedom that they can only achieve in college.

And don’t forget the partying and drinking. College students love to enjoy their freedom to enjoy drinking. 

Freshers even more so!

So what is the percentage of incoming college students who report being frequent, high-risk drinkers?

Well, the answer can be frightening as it has been reported that about 44 percent of incoming college students participate in such activities.

Why Do College Students Like to Drink?

College kids drink for a variety of reasons, which I will explain to you in a moment.



Incoming college students or freshers are usually really excited to start their new life in college. And the ongoing idea of a college experience enthralls them.

But some students are scared of the idea of a new kind of beginning. This is because most of them left their homes and came to a whole new place.

They want to make friends!

And this desire to create new friendships can often lead them to drink, which might create frequent and high-risk drinkers.

Social Belonging

Social Belonging


As I have already mentioned, most college students leave their homes and the security that comes with them to join a new world.

They get full freedom to choose the path in life they want to live. But if they can’t make friends in their new life, they might not feel like they belong there.

And to fit into this new life, they would want to attend various college parties that involve drinking.



Some college students can become bored with their new life very easily. And boredom doesn’t always lead to finding positive adventures.

So they can easily get manipulated by other drinking students that drinking is the key to having a better college experience.

They would feel good temporarily. But they might end up seeking more of that feel-good experience, leading them to become frequent drinkers.

However, going down this path can create more dangerous issues that might have them ending up in an unfortunate series of events.



The abbreviation of FOMO is fear of missing out. And a lot of new college students become fearful of missing out on the fun their friends are having.

They want to give birth to amazing experiences and the stories that come with them. And they believe that having wild experiences is what can make them a part of the college culture.

What they really want is to look back on their wild college adventures and tell the stories to friends later on.

But what it can really lead up to is creating college students who drink frequently.

Stress Relief

Stress Relief

College students might look like they are having the time of their lives, but it’s not always true or that easy.

Reports show that 3 out of 4 college students feel so stressed that it even leads them to suicidal thoughts.

What kind of stress?

Well, these stress issues can be caused by maintaining their grades, balancing school and work life, and even peer pressure.

And to take some of the stress away, they tend to rely more on alcohol, becoming frequent, high-risk drinkers.


The answer to the question, what is the percentage of incoming college students who report being frequent, high-risk drinkers is that about 44 percent of the incoming college students are high-risk and frequent drinkers.