Dysregulated Nervous System: The Signs

Have you ever had a serious health scare in your life? If so, did you actually stumble upon it, or did you already know something was wrong before?

Most people do this!

We tend to hustle so hard that we don’t stop for a second to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us.

And we ignore it!

Even though we have this itch in the backs of our minds that something is off, we don’t strike back until we actually start shutting down.

A Dysregulated Nervous System is such a condition that can get really serious without proper treatment.

And there are actually a couple of signs that could tell you beforehand that you might be suffering from it. 

I’ll tell you the signs!

Constantly Overwhelmed

One of the most prominent signs of Dysregulated Nervous System is that you are always feeling overwhelmed.

Always on edge?

You can’t seem to be able to relax one bit. It’s so hard to calm yourself and your mind and not feel restless all the time.

All you can do is keep worrying about everything! 

Mostly Irritable

Another sign of this condition is that it becomes very difficult for you to keep control of your temper.

Always snapping?

You’re always in a state where you might lash out at someone or even something because you’re so irritable all the time.

And you can’t help overreacting to some situations.

Chronic Illness and Pain

If you are someone who has been suffering from a Dysregulated Nervous System for a long time, you might end up with various chronic illnesses or pain.

Even if you could find some temporary relief after having been to all sorts of doctors and specialists, the solution is never long-term.

High Sensitivity

You’re just not overwhelmed with situations when you have a Dysregulated Nervous System, you also get overwhelmed with sensory stimuli.

Things like, loud noises, big crowds, specific noises, and some smells can easily overload and overwhelm you.

Sleeping Problems and Fatigue

If your nervous system is dysregulated, your sleep cycle will also get disrupted. You will not be able to sleep well at night.

And the worst part?

You keep feeling really tired throughout the day. And this could easily make it hard for you to perform your daily tasks.

Concentration Problems

You are not attention-deficient, yet you can’t seem to focus on your work or even on conversations.

It’s the nervous system!

Whatever you do, you keep losing your concentration. And it gets really difficult for you to get your attention back.

You even keep forgetting things like where you kept your personal items.

Appetite Changes

You suffer from a sort of mood swing when it comes to your appetite. Sometimes, all you can think about is food and your hunger.

Other times, you could go on without eating for hours on end. And maybe sometimes it feels like everything is fine.

Because your nervous system can’t properly regulate your metabolism, you keep having these ups and downs.

Hormonal and Immune Problems

When your nervous system is dysregulated, it affects both your immune system and your hormones.

The hormones in your body become imbalanced.

Skin, Gut, and Emotions

With this kind of condition, you are more likely to develop various conditions that affect your gut and skin, like IBS and Rosacea.

There’s more!

You become really sensitive to the emotional states of other people, which is generally a good thing. But the way you get affected can seriously harm your physical and mental health.


There are a lot of different symptoms that can easily suggest that you are suffering from Dysregulated Nervous System. And if you don’t take any steps regarding these symptoms, you might be in trouble soon.

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