Doing SEO properly is vital for any kind of website. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new website or a big one like

They all need traffic!

And to improve this traffic, you need to have enough knowledge on how to SEO optimize your website.

Yes, it’s true that, which is the multinational technology company Apple Inc’s official website, has a lot of organic traffic of its own.

But guess what?

Even then, they need to utilize the proper SEO strategies to get more traffic and maintain this traffic.

So now I’ll tell you all about Apple com seo issues traffic and optimization tips Nuogum in this article.

SEO Issues Might Face and What They Should Do

Even with the reputation has built, there might be some SEO issues that may impact its rankings on Google’s search engine. 

Let’s talk about them:

Scrutiny and Competition has a lot of high competition. Several other companies want to get top-ranking positions regarding search results. 

And has to take part in this intense competition and improve ad maintain search visibility through the help of the right SEO methods.

Managing Brand Reputation

Having such a formidable brand reputation is both a challenge and an advantage for when it comes to SEO.

It is true that this company has a huge brand recognition. And because of this, they get a lot of organic traffic.

But that’s not enough!

This is because they also have to maintain this success and work harder than others to achieve what they want.

And so, has to take care of any kind of negative reviews or content so that they may manage the negative impact that they can have on their website.

Absence of Optimized Title Tags and Meta Tags

If you are doing proper on-page SEO on your website, you need to use the perfect title tags and meta tags.

These tags will help give the search engines enough information about the content of your web page.

Apple has to do it too!

With the huge number of content Apple has to create every single day, it could easily miss making sure each of these tags is relevant enough to rank.

But if Apple does not optimize these tags using the proper descriptions and relevant keywords, it will have a negative effect on the click-through rates and rankings on the search engine.

Non-Optimized URLs

URls also need to be SEO-friendly. If the URLs on each of Apple’s content only have random symbols and numbers, it will become hard for them to rank.

So Apple needs to properly optimize these URLs according to the relevant keywords to make sure that they rank on the search engine.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is completely a no-no for the content to be able to rank on the search engine. Intentional or not, Apple can’t afford to create duplicate content on its website.

It can create confusion!

If the search engine is confused by duplicate content, will face negative consequences.

This is why it needs to make sure each and every piece of content is unique.

Poor Structure of Website and Navigation

Complex navigation on a poorly coordinated website can lead to a bad user experience, which will negatively impact the SEO performance of

This is why the website should be structured well and have clear navigation to rank.

Slow Website

The speed of a website really determines how the experience of a user will be. And if it is slow, it will cause trouble for the website.

So needs to take care of the website speed to be able to rank easily.

Final Words

Apple Com SEO Issues Traffic and Optimization Tips Nuogum means to use the proper SEO strategies for every price of content creates each day. Maintaining a good number of traffic for ranking well depends on the SEO.