Short Article About Technology-: Our world is improving technology day by day. By using technology people are reducing time & money. Technology makes our life enjoyable & comfortable. And now this modern world can’t escape from technology. Because nowadays everywhere is technology. From home to the workplace. All are included in technology. So, today I am gonna share A Short Article About Technology & How It’s Changing Our World. Keep your eyes on this blog post & read this article attentively.


How Technology  Changing Our World 

We already saw how AI changes our world. Developers are trying to change this world by making robots like Sofia. Recently viral ChatGPT for writing articles. Then nowadays Midjourney is viral for its amazing photo editing. There is also a lot of AI website for making automatic videos & text to speech. We already share some articles about AI.

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Technology In Education

Nowadays all schools, colleges, and universities are using technology to make it easy to give lessons to their students. Otherwise, they also can take classes at any inclement time. Some of them use projectors to give digital classes using animation. It makes the lesson very easy for their students. Students are also can take lessons on YouTube, and Google. And they can read books in PDF versions. They also can use Google Translate to translate any words.


Technology In Work

Workplace & organization increased their productivity by using technology. One time, 100 people do that work now it’s doing just one single robot without making any mistakes. Now those companies are more famous to us who are using technology. Because their product is different than others. Technology also makes companies more secure. Like they are now using CC Camera to catch thieves. They also can communicate with their buyers easily. Using technology one company can compete with other companies easily. Because technology can boost productivity a lot that we can’t imagine. 


Technology In Medical

Nowadays, our modern world is using Artificial Intelligence in the medical sector. For example, an X-ray machine helps doctors to detect any broken bones. ECG helps to find out the heart’s condition. Nowadays, some rich hospitals are using AI for surgery. By using technology we can get the sugar ratio of our bodies at home. Mental problem becomes is a big issue now but our doctors can find out the patient’s mental condition by using technology. Doctors are also giving remote services on social media sites. They can prescribe online too.


Technology In Communication

Technology makes our communication very easy. We can contact anyone at any time if we want. We can call somebody if we want, we can mail, video call, file transfer & many more things can do by using technology. In 2023, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Gmail, IMO, and Skype are the most famous for communication. In just one word, technology brings us close to our friends & family. 


Technology In Career

Using technology you can build a smart career. A lot of people earn money online by using their virtual skills. Web Development, Making AI, Using AI, Treading, SEO, and Graphics Design are the most famous virtual jobs online. And there has a lot of freelancers who are building their careers by using this technology. Otherwise, if you have good knowledge of technology you will get an extra facility in the job sector. If you just know how to use a computer properly then you will get good respect from your colleagues. Because still there has a lot of people who did not know to use a computer.



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