Let’s be honest, sneezing is one of the most curiously fun things we all like doing. For some unknown reason, we actually like it when we sneeze.

Is it unknown, though?

It isn’t, actually! According to scientists, people do enjoy sneezing because it can release chemicals in our bodies, like endorphins.

And endorphins are actually feel-good hormones that can help reduce our stress, relieve pain, and make us feel giddy when released.

But it’s not always fun!

If someone tries to forcefully make you sneeze, you might not like it, especially if it means that you lose a game.

That’s exactly what this game is about, and I’ll explain to you how to play Make Her Sneeze Game!

How to Play Make Her Sneeze Game: What Is It?

Before we get down to knowing how to play Make Her Sneeze Game, I want to help you understand what the game is really all about.

I might have already given you enough hints about it, but I’ll go ahead and explain it anyway.

Game Objective

As you might have already guessed, the objective of this game is to make your opponents sneeze without them wanting to.

It’s pretty challenging!

This game is really fun and even hilarious, but it can be tough to come out winning. And that is because the person who doesn’t sneeze once till the end of the game wins.

Game Setup

So now that you know what this game really means, this is how you set up for it:

  • At least three people have to participate in this game to make it work. The more, the merrier!
  • You would want to play the game in a spacious room to get around freshly.
  • Things you should gather to play the game need to be things that are harmless, yet trigger sneezes, like tickling devices, feathers, or some powdery substances.

How to Play Make Her Sneeze Game: The Rules

Even though the name of the game kind of explains what the objective of this game is, you do have to follow some basic rules to make it more fun.

Let me tell you!

Forming a Circle

The first and foremost rule of the Make Her Sneeze Game is that all of your friends, aka the players, have to form a wide enough circle before you start playing the game.

Enough space matters!

You and the rest of the players need to be able to maneuver yourselves properly, which is why you need to stand in a circle with enough space.

Assigning Turns

Obviously, you can’t just play whenever you want to because that will just make things chaotic and not fun at all.

Assign turns for every player while agreeing mutually about the turns. I suggest you draw lots to decide who goes when.

Sneezing Attempts

When you and all of the other players are all set to start playing the game, you wait till your turn comes to make someone sneeze.

The person next to you is whom you’ll try to sneeze through various funny attempts.

No Touching

This game would be over in a second if you guys started to tickle the nose of the person next to you to make them sneeze.

But you can’t!

You have to follow the strict rule of not having any physical contact while playing.


The game is simple! You can’t sneeze if you want to win. But if you do end up sneezing, you will be eliminated.

And the game will continue till the last person survives without sneezing, and they win.


This game is one of the funniest and most hilarious games of all time. It’s all in good spirits and not completely harmless. Now that you know how to play Make Her Sneeze Game, you and your friends can have fun playing it.