Losing Money to Become a Tycoon Manga: The Characters

The Losing Money to Become a Tycoon Manga is basically a web series novel in Chinese, and it debuted in 2017. But it ran its course in August 2021.

It is about a guy named Pei Qian who goes 10 years back in time. And he sets up a system to get funding for his business.

Isn’t that interesting?

Earning money for his personal use and for his business are separated. And earning his personal funds depends on earning his business funds.

What’s the catch?

He can get more money when he loses money in his business. Now this manga is about the adventure Pei Qian goes through to gain financial freedom.

Now let me walk you through all the main characters of this manga.

Pei Qian

The main character of this manga is Pei Qian, who graduated from Hnadong and majored in humanities.

When he graduated in the year 2013, he was basically a cog in his society as he dealt with bosses, politics, and even some job changes in the corporate life he led.

He somehow found himself traveling 10 years back to the year 2009 and finding the Wealth Conversion System, which he then tried to take advantage of to become financially stable.

Ma Yang

Another character in Losing Money to Become a Tycoon Manga is Ma Yang, who was really unfortunate in his life.

He lived with Pei Qian in the same dorm and was a very enthusiastic and determined student. But he could never secure a job well-to-do. 

And before Pei Qian jumped back in time, Ma Yang worked a job his parents got him in his hometown.

Because of his lack of ability to become successful, Pei Qian offered him a job so he could lose money quickly.

Xin Hai Lu

This character used to be the vice president’s assistant at an enterprise that was really famous and successful.

Once, the vice president acted very inappropriately toward her when he got drunk. So Xin Hai Lu not only resisted him, but she also reigned from the company.

She was so fed up with having to work for a large company that she decided that she would start working for smaller enterprises.

Bao Xu

Now the character of Bao Xu was actually really addicted to the internet. He kept on playing various internet games at different internet cafes, that he forgot to live a life.

The games were his life!

He would wear the same clothes every day at his school throughout the four seasons and then drop out in the second year of his school.

His family was really worried about his future. But then, Pei Qian went to him personally to give him a job for his certain ability.

Huang Sibo

This character, who was just in his mid-20s, worked for about 6 months and did lots of overtime in his industry.

But he was just an administrative planner and was mediocre at his job, earning only 1,500 RMB each month.

Later on, he took the Tengda interview and even got hired over his experienced manager.

Lin Wan

She is the daughter of the wealthy Shenhua Corporation, but she is very silly and also naive about the world outside.

And she really wanted to become a game designer, which her femininity didn’t approve of. Then, she joined Tengda and got really inspired.

Lu Mingliang

He was interning at a gaming company, and he filed a lot of forms and did some odd tasks occasionally.

Because of his lack of experience, he joined Tengda, and eventually, Pei Qian hired him.

Li Yada

Another employee of Tengda, she suddenly got chosen for the 3rd chief planner role at Tengda Games and as one of the Top 10 contenders.


All the characters in Losing Money to Become a Tycoon Manga give the manga the spice that was needed for this manga to be successful. And all these characters are what the manga is made of.

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