All Hail The Sect Leader: A Review

I love reading Manhuas. It’s the best pastime of mine. What about you? Don’t you love taking in amazing art while reading thrilling stories?

Manhuas, to me, is one of the best kinds of web content. If you have ever read any of the greatest Manhuas, you would know how fun it is.

And the fanbase!

The fanbase is like a warm and fun community of people who enjoy the same Manhua like they are in a cult of sorts. 

Not literally, though!

Now I have to talk about one of these Manhuas, which is the All Hail The Sect Leader. And if you haven’t had the opportunity to look into this one, I suggest you try it out now!

What Is the All Hail The Sect Leader?

Well, as I already mentioned, All Hail The Sect Leader is a Manhua. And it is actually an adventure Manhua.

The main character of this Manhua is the sect leader Jun Changxiao. And this Manhua follows the adventures of this charismatic sect leader Jun Changxiao.

He has to overcome many situations very skillfully, such as different political turbulence, lethal opponents, and dangerous barriers.

And while going through all of these things, he has to build one of the greatest and strongest armies of all time in his land.

Jun Changxiao wants to be feared as the most powerful leader while also wanting to find love.

And he does!

The romantic moments that develop in this series are breathtaking. And it keeps the audience coming for more.

This Manhua is built around historical fiction while having elements of comedy to keep the fans hooked. 

And such psychological depth!

If you give this Manhua a chance, you will certainly not regret it!

Review of All Hail The Sect Leader

I like this Manhua for the balance it creates between action and humor through its characters and their adventures.

The young man, who is in the center of this Manhua, gets thrown by a system into a martial arts world.

That’s not all!

Jun Changxiao needs to make this iron bone sect as strong as possible, even the strongest of all, within a hundred years by gathering 10 lakh followers.

Otherwise, he will get terminated!

It’s a cultivation story!

What I like about this story is that the storyline is supposed to be very serious and pragmatic, yet it has a sense of humor.

And the primary focus of this storyline is actually the humor you get to enjoy! But Jun Changxiao is not the only important character in this story.

There are others!

Besides Jun Changxiao, there are some other great characters that you get to enjoy reading about.

The disciples!

Jun Changxiao’s disciples are awesome and offbeat. That’s exactly how they are described to be in the book.

The humor these disciples combined with the main character this Manhua brings is so balanced that it never crosses the line and becomes cringy.

It’s refreshing!

You will not see the typical weak-to-strong formula that a lot of other books approach in regard to the main character.

Even though the main focus of the storyline is the main character’s goal to make a strong sect in a cruel world, the romance still exists.

It’s sweet and short!

The storyline does not revolve around the romance aspects, and neither is the romance harem, which keeps it sweet.

And the element of excitement and unpredictability this sweet romance brings is one to enjoy for the fans.

The art style?

Even though the book is a bit average with a dull synopsis, the art style makes up for it completely! It easily complements the story’s parody nature.

And I love how enjoyable each of the character developments is.

I have to say; this unique Manhua is filled with the perfect balance of action and humor and steers clear of the harem stereotypes.

The Verdict

The All Hail the Sect Leader is a great Manhua that anyone would enjoy for its uniqueness. But I have to warn you, if you’re only looking to get your fix of harem content and not a good storyline, this Manhua is not for you.

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