Motorola Droid 4 Accessories: Everything You Need

Nostalgia is related to a lot of different types of personal items. It depends on the person as well as the object itself.

But some kinds of objects are nostalgic to most people. And this includes something that goes out of date but you used a ton in the past, like phones.

Like the Motorola Droid 4!

And if you still have one of these phones, which used to be a technological marvel at the time of its release, you might want to start reusing it again.

So to improve its functionality, you might need to buy some Droid 4 accessories, but which ones? Let me tell you the kinds of accessories that might still be available.

Phone Covers and Cases

Phone Covers and Cases

You already know why a phone needs covers or cases. It’s to keep it well-protected. So let me tell you the kinds you could buy:

  • Rubberized Case: These kinds of cases give you a good grip and make sure your phone is protected from scratches or other damages.
  • Leather Case: You should know how durable leather is. So a leather case would protect your phone and last a long time.
  • Holster Case: This kind of case is great to attach to your belt or other parts of your apparel.
  • Clear Case: You can clearly see the cool design of your phone with these kinds of Droid 4 accessories.
  • Hybrid Case: These cases are made out of various mixtures of materials for durability and protection.
  • Wallet Case: This one will keep your phone safe, and you can use it as a wallet.

Screen Protectors

Screen Protectors

You have to keep the screen of your phone protected with Droid 4 accessories like screen protectors. Pick one of these types:

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector: Made out of tempered glass, these protectors work really well but aren’t that durable.
  • Plastic Film Screen Protector: Again, not the most durable, but these protectors are really flexible and accessible.
  • Anti-Glare Protector: These ones help you see better, even in highly lit areas.
  • Privacy Screen Protector: You can use these if you prefer privacy the most.

Phone Chargers

Phone Chargers

If your old one doesn’t work anymore, you might need a new charger like these:

  • Wall Charger: These are the usual and most used phone chargers you can buy.
  • Car Charger: You might need these if you’re always on the run or traveling a lot.
  • Solar Charger: This one might come in handy if you ever go off-grid.
  • Wireless Charger: A wireless charger is one of the most Droid 4 accessories you can own.

Audio Accessories

Audio Accessories

To listen to music or just talk on the phone, you might need one of these:

  • Headphones: You could choose either a noise-canceling one or an in-ear one.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: If you want to dance to loud music, these are the best options.
  • Audio Cables: Use these to listen to music in your car.
  • External Microphone: If you want to record yourself with high-quality audio, these are the best accessories.

Memory Cards

Memory CardsMemory Cards

If you have taken up the internal storage of your Droid 4 already, you might want to get an external memory card.

There are all sorts of MicroSD cards on the market with a wide range of storage options you can choose from, be it 2 GB or 256 GB.

Power Banks

Power Bands

In this modern era, our smartphones come with an impressive battery life. Even so, we tend to forget to charge them from time to time.

And the Droid 4 doesn’t have a remarkable battery life like the phone we are used to now. So you might want to get a power bank.


If you still own a Motorola Droid 4 phone, which used to be a phenomenon in its time, you might be in need of the Droid 4 accessories that I reminded you of in this article. Hope you find everything you need, as not many use this phone anymore.

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