Solange Sun Biography

Solange Sun is a very famous Instagram model. She makes herself popular on social media sites by uploading her amazing photos & videos. She is a super cute girl. Actually, she is a verified member of PH. Right now she has 40k followers on there with verified icons & gains more than 50 million views.

She is very slim & fit. Her height is 5′ 4″ & weight is 45 kg. She is an Asian girl & her eye & hair color is black. In this article, we are gonna talk about Solange Sun Biography.


Solange Sun Age

Solange Sun was born on 22 June 1995 in Buenos Aires, Peru. Her ethnicity is Asian but her nationality is Italian. Right now, she is 28 years old & her zodiac sign is Taurus. 


Solange Sun Wikipedia

Real Name Solange Sun
Gender Female
Birth Date 22 June 1995
Age 28 Years
Birth Place Buenos Aires, Peru
Nationality Italian
Height 5′ 4″
Weight 45 kg
Net Worth $3 Million

Solange Sun Biography

Solange Sun Dating

This beautiful queen is already in a relationship. She loves her boyfriend very much as she mentions in her PH profile. And she only makes her videos with her boyfriend. So, Solange Sun has a boyfriend. And she wanna pass her whole life with him. Keep reading to know more about Solange Sun Biography.

Solange Sun Boyfriend
Solange Sun Boyfriend

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Solange Sun Family

As a P-star, she does not reveal any kind of information about her family. No one wants to publicize her family who is a P-star. So, at this moment we are unable to share any real information about Solange Sun’s family life. But if any time Solange shares her personal life information then we will update this section for sure. Or if you guys know anything about her then you can comment below with proof. We will justify & update this section.


Solange Sun Career

Before came to the erotic industry she was just an Instagram model. But her that’s career can’t give her success. So, she & her boyfriend make private videos & share them on PH. In this way, they can be viral & make money too. Then in 2020, they open their PH profile. And now it’s a verified profile. And make a large amount fan base.


Solange Sun Net Worth

It’s truly hard to share anyone’s net worth without any real clue. But we can guess her income by seeing her videos & other social profiles’ fan base. On her Solange Sun PH channel, she uploads more than 90+ videos. And she earns a lot from her videos by showing advertisements. Most of the audience are from the trier 1 country. And that is why she gets always a good CPM rate. She also makes money by promoting amazon products & collaborating with other models. So, every month Solange Sun earns more than $20 to $30k from her career. Solange Sun Net Worth Is $3 Million Estimated.


Solange Sun Twitter

On November 2020, she joined Twitter. She is very active there. She has 70k followers on there. Her Twitter id is @SolangeSunx1. She uploads there her new videos. And also share her best video clips. I will suggest you follow her on there. If you are a Twitter user & want to get Solange Sun New Free HD Videos. You can not imagine how beautiful she is in her videos. Solange Sun Biography


Solange Sun Instagram

She opened her Instagram id in May 2021 from her birthplace Peru. Right now she has 90k followers. Every week she uploads there Solange Sun photos. Her Instagram id is solangesun_oficial. You can follow her there. If you use Instagram. Because she only shares her premium-quality photos there. So if you want to get the feel of Onlyfans then follow her on Instagram. I hope you must like Solange Sun Videos & Solange Sun Photos. Read the faq section to know more about Solange Sun Biography.


Solange Sun Faq

  • Solange Sun is a famous P-star.
  • Solange Sun is 27 years old.
  • Solange Sun is an Asian girl.
  • Solange Sun height is 5′ 4″.
  • Solange Sun weight is 45 kg.
  • Solange Sun hair color is black.
  • Solange Sun eye color is black too.
  • Solange Sun has a boyfriend.
  • Solange Sun favorite pet is Cat.
  • Solange Sun net worth is $3 million.
  • Solange Sun is from Italy.
  • Solange Sun loves her boyfriend a lot.
  • Solange Sun hates rude people.
  • Solange Sun is a good-minded girl. 


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