Was Martha Stewart Model?

When I think of a lifestyle mogul, I think of none other than Martha Stewart. But what many people don’t know about her is that she used to be a model.

Martha Stewart, model?

Oh, yes! The famous billionaire known for being the favorite grandma of America actually started her career as a model.

I mean, even I was shocked at first when I learned about this. Because of her loaded personality as a successful entrepreneur, I didn’t think to consider what she did in her early years.

Did you know?

If not, then let me introduce you to the woman that is Martha Stewart and the teenage model she used to be.

The Career of Martha Stewart Model

young martha stewart

Martha Stewart has been associated with good taste for so long that we forget who she used to be at the beginning of her career.

Born as Martha Kostyra, who was the eldest daughter of one of the six kids of an affluent Polish Catholic household, Martha Stewart was brought up in New Jersey, specifically in Nutley.

Entrepreneurial from way back!

Oh, yes, she showed her skills as a business-minded child at the age of 10. At just a child of 10 years old, she got her first gig of planning various kinds of birthday parties.

She was actually paid to plan these parties for most of the kids in the neighborhood. And that goes to show that she had a business sense since the beginning.

Then come modeling!

At the age of 15, Martha Stewart started her modeling career as a teenage model. She even started to earn about 50 dollars an hour for her appearances in various ad campaigns.

And not just any ad campaign! She worked for big names like Tareyton cigarettes and even Chanel.

All thanks to her beauty!

She had a gorgeous frame of 5 feet and 9 inches with striking beauty. And if you take a look at her modeling portfolio now, you will find her displaying a mixture of playful sensuality and cold charm.

This is precisely what went on to describe her brand as she grew into the billionaire entrepreneur she is now.

“James Brown of home entertaining.”

That’s what David Letterman called her once! But she didn’t become such a home-entertaining TV personality from the start.

She started as Martha Stewart, model! And she kept on modeling from her teenage years to her early twenties.

Why though?

Well, she actually needed the money from her modeling career to supplement the scholarship money she got from Barnard College.

Then, she ended up graduating with her degree from that college in architectural history. After that, she got married to Andy Stewart, who was a Law student at Yale.

She became Martha Stewart!

And the two gave birth to their beautiful daughter in 1965 names Alexis. But she didn’t stop there! She became a stockbroker who was the only female at the firm she worked at.

What she has to say about her career at that firm,

“The job taught me so much about what it takes to build a real business, a real company—a meaningful and useful enterprise.”

“Yet it was not until I left Wall Street that I discovered my true entrepreneurial bent. I loved ideas. I loved building. I loved creating…. And I loved making money as a result.”

And later on, in the mid-70s, she left Wall Street and started her own catering company, which eventually led her to become who she is now.


Martha Stewart, model? Yes, she used to be exactly that, a model. That modeling career was only a part of what led her to become the well-known entrepreneur and TV personality Martha Stewart is now.

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