Bringing a child into the world is a huge thing. It’s also the most amazing feeling in the entire world for the parents and even the family members.

But it can be tough when you struggle with fertility issues. And this is exactly what had happened to Brit Selwood and her husband.

The former Australian football star Joel Selwood and his wife had to face countless days and nights hoping for a miracle.

And it happened!

After struggling for years, they finally found their miracle through their firstborn, Joey Victor Selwood. And today, I am going to talk about this specific story in this article.

So keep reading till the end!

Brit Selwood and Joel Selwood Welcomes Their Newborn

The Announcement

Brit Selwood and her husband struggled to have a child of their own for years. When they first learned the news that they were pregnant, they were ecstatic.

Nothing can be more wonderful than the news of pregnancy between a couple. And this couple decided to share it with the world in September of 2022.

What a joy!

The couple shared this news through Instagram. Brit Selwood posted a lovely photo of herself and her husband sitting on plain grass under warm sunlight on her profile.

Joel and Brit held a cute little Geelong Guernsey that had the number 14 printed on it along with the word dad. And Brit was wearing a beautiful white dress showing off her proud pregnant belly.

She captioned the post saying, 

“Our dreams have come true. Joel and I are grateful to be able to share that we have a little one coming into the world.

We couldn’t do this announcement without acknowledging those who are struggling with infertility or loss. I know how much my heart would break every time I saw a pregnancy post and my heart truly goes out to you if that’s how you’re feeling right now. These past few years have changed me forever. For anyone who has lost hope right now, I’ve been there and I’m thinking of you, and I hope one day soon, you get your miracle.”

The Birth

In the month of February of this year, a miracle happened! Brit Selwood gave birth to their beautiful miracle baby boy and named him Joey Victor Selwood.

She posted a priceless photo of her newborn, saying, 

“The world just got a whole lot better. Joey Victor Selwood, your Mum and Dad are so in love with you.”

The fans of this couple were very excited to learn the news about their miracle birth, as the couple’s entire world changed to perfection. Many people commented on the post, congratulating the two!

You must know Tom, who was the former Cats teammate of Joel Selwood. Well, his wife,, Emma Hawkins, who is the co-founder of Homegrown Kids, also commented on the Instagram post, welcoming the baby boy, saying,

“it sure did. It sure bloody did, love you JOEY.”

The superstar of Melbourne Strom, Cameron Munster, also congratulated them with a crown emoji.

Even Abbey Holmes, who is a seven AFL personality commented, 

“Omg get out, so sweet !! Congratulations beautiful people”.

And there was also Jimmy Brtel, another former teammate of Joel Selwood, saying, “magnificent”, alongside Mitch Ducan who commented a couple of love hearts.

Apart from all the heartwarming and congratulatory comments on Brit’s post, everyone was filled with joy at the news.

It still is a true miracle!

No one should go through what Brit and Joel Selwood went through to earn this miracle. But they did deserve this much happiness.


Brit Selwood and Joel Selwood deserve all the happiness that came along with the birth of Joey Victor Selwood, their miracle baby boy. May they stay this happy and peaceful!