Getting a dog can be a huge responsibility. At the end of the day, they are going to become a member of your family who you need to take care of constantly.

Am I right?

So when you think about getting a dog of a certain breed, you need to learn everything possible about that breed to be able to take care of them properly.

Like the Pocket Bully breed!

This breed of dog is very intelligent, and you can easily train them, too. And Pocket Bully dogs are actually really good guard dogs.

So before committing to be responsible for such a dog breed, you need to know the following things I’ll share with you today.

Pocket Bully: What Breeds Creates One?

Obviously, a Pocket Bully dog is a hybrid of two other breeds of dogs, which are the Patterdale Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier.

What this dog breed takes from the American Pit Bull Terrier is its build. But the height is from the Patterdale Terrier, which is why it’s small.

Another designer dog!

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a really big dog that can weigh between 35 to 60 pounds with a height of 18 to 21 inches. 

Whereas the Patterdale Terrier is smaller in height, between 9 to 15 inches, while weighing about 11 to 13 pounds.

Pocket Bully: The Appearance

You might already know how Pocket Bullies look, as you intend on getting one. So I’ll keep the explanation short.

Weight and Height

As I have already mentioned earlier, Pocket Bullies are actually small dogs. As the name might suggest, some could wonder if they can fit or carry this kind of dog breed in their pockets.

Well, they can’t!

Although these dogs are small, they are not that much small. The point of saying that they are small is because their parent breeds are larger compared to them.

As males, these dog breeds are smaller than 17 inches when it comes to their height, and the females are smaller than 16 inches.

Males weigh between 11-22 pounds when fully mature, while females weigh around 10-20 pounds.

Tough Appearance

Although Pocket Bullies appear to be smaller dogs, they are actually much fiercer in looks because of their muscular bodies.

These dog breeds carry a very sturdy figure while being known for their stocky build. Even though their eyes are large and cute, their heads are wide, and their necks are bulky.

That’s not all!

And they have a really broad chest, which is shallower than other dog breeds. Their legs are so cute and short, with low-level backs. But these legs are very muscular as well.

Even their ears are muscular, small but firm. Their tails are medium in length while being thin. And they kind of look like miniature American Pit Bull Terriers.

Variety of Colors

Yes, you can find many different colors of Pocket Bullies to be available to you if you go to a breeder.

If you want your Pocket Bully to be of a single solid color, you can get it. And if you want one with other color markings mixed with the solid color, you got that too.

The common colors?

You can find colors like Red, Fawn, Blue, Black, Blue and Tan, Black and Tan, White and Seal, Bucksin, and so many other options.

The Coat

Breeders can’t actually predict the coat type of these dogs because they are mixed breeds. They usually have smooth and short coats like American Pit Bull Terriers.

But they can also come out with coat types like a Patterdale Terrier. So you have to groom according to the coat type you get.


If you want to get a Pocket Bully as your pet dog, you need to be able to learn all these things about this kind of dog breed. So now that you know, you must be really excited about the new addition to your family.