What Is Technology

Technology mentions the application of scientific mastery, tools & techniques that can solve our problems and improve our life quality. It surrounds a wide range of fields including information technology, biotechnology, engineering, and many more thing. Technology plays a significant role in modern society and has modified how we live, work, and interact with each other.


What is Technology in Computer

On the behalf of computers’ technology relate to the hardware & software element that is used to build, operate, and support computer technique. Hardware relates to the physical ingredient of a computer, including a processor, memory, storage, and other marginal. These constituents work together to implement the several tasks that a computer is efficient of, such as operating applications, storing and retrieval data, and linking to the internet.

Software concern to the programme and operating systems to run in a computer. The software accept the hardware to execute certain tasks, such as word manufacturing, data research, and web surfing. There are many various types of computer software, including system software, which handles the hardware and allow  it to run those programs & application software, which implement express tasks for the user.

Enterprise uses computers to helps a huge task, from monitoring listing & customer serving to control payroll. IT originations are helping businesses streamlined those tasks & increase production.

There has another usefull component of IT is cyber-security, which assist businesses protect their data from hackers. These programs can be particularly useful in the digital age, where virus infections are a common issue in a businesses.

Many IT programers are also work behind this to helping  perform new systems and proceeding to save money & time . This can contain setting up networking, creating appilitions and building sites.

A computer expert uses their skill to design and instrument new computer method. They apply their intelligence of mathematics & physics and engineering to make new technology for computer systems that solving new problems easily.

Computer scientists are often specify in a meticulous area, such as AI or machine learning. They use these talent to create machines that copy human intelligence in order to play  tasks more successfully & correctly.


The Origin Of The Word Technology

Nowadays Technology is a common word in our life. But did you know the Origin Of The Word Technology? Technology comes from Grece’s words. Techne+Logia=Technology.

Techne Means Arts

Logia Means Study

To know more details about The Origin Of Word Technology, Please read this article When Was The Word Technology First Used?


The Benefits Of Technology

There has a lot of benefits of technology. But here I shared some most important things about technology.

  • Technology has made communication easy & faster.
  • Technology making easier to find answers to questions & learn new things.
  • Technology has made it possible to automate many repetitive tasks.
  • It has improved healthcare.
  • Technology has made shipping quicker & more timely.
  • It has made education more accessible, with online learning platforms.
  • It has made it easier to conduct business globally, with virtual meetings.
  • Technology has improved safety, with innovations such as airbags.
  • It has improved the efficiency and productivity of many industries.
  • It has increased access to financial services.
  • Using technology you can make animation with a few seconds.
  • You can editing any photos or video by using technology.
  • Internet is a big libary for study & it’s a part of technology.
  • You can do remote job by using technology.
  • You can get any update news from anywhere & anytime.
  • Technology gives you more friends to become happy.


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