Air Force Core Values You Might Not Know About

Having core values to live your life by is not expected of most people. But trust me when I say it’s a great way to live!

And there are certain people who are expected to follow certain core values set for a greater purpose, like the men and women in the United States Air Force.

But what are these Air Force core values?

If you don’t already know about this, there are three Air Force core values: Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do. And these core values are what make for great people who frame their lives around caring, supporting, and servicing others.

I believe, whether you are in the Air Force or not, everyone should live by these core values. I, for one, at least try to. So today, I will explain these three core values in detail!

Integrity First

Each of these values explains itself. But I’ll still go into more detail. For instance, when they say Integrity First, they mean you have to live an honest life, even if no one is watching you.

Not so easy!

I will say it’s not as easy as it sounds. You need to be able, to be honest at all times, even if it doesn’t serve you. 

Because of this, you might fall prey to several tricky situations. However, if you let your moral compass guide you at all times, you will always do the right thing.

You need courage too!

Doing the right thing at all times takes a lot of courage. And this courage is a part of this core value.

Let’s say you’re in a tight situation that you can easily get out of by lying or doing something immoral. 

Time to be courageous!

The men and women in the Air Force gain humility by living their lives by this core value and staying honest.

This makes them responsible for their actions and accountable towards everyone they serve, including their country.

Service Before Self

We all tend to be a little selfish in our own ways. It doesn’t necessarily harm anyone else. But it doesn’t serve anyone other than ourselves.

If you join the United States Air Force, you need to serve others before you even think about serving yourself, aka., be selfish.

It’s a high standard!

When the people in the air force take their oaths, they stay determined to serve their country and its people.

This sense of duty is what sets the air force apart from others. And this is the kind of loyalty we expect out of these people.

Because of this sense of loyalty and duty, the men and women in the air force earn our respect. And in my opinion, we should all become a part of this patriotism.

Excellence in All We Do

The people in the air force put their lives on the line in the name of their country each time they set out on a mission. So they take their job very seriously!

It’s a lifestyle!

Living by the other two core values is not enough if these people can’t get down to business and do their jobs correctly.

This means they need to show up and be excellent at what they do. They don’t just get to this point in a day.

It takes them a long time to learn how to be disciplined, and they also learn how to work with others, as teamwork is key.

For them, the mission is the priority. So they are willing to give their best for their missions.


If you look into these air force core values, you can learn a lot by even trying to apply them to your lifestyle.

The people who serve in the air force are well-respected for reasons I’m sure you can understand by now.

So I urge you to implore a lifestyle such as theirs to build a better future for yourself for mankind.

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